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The Mother of God as Burning Bush with a winged Christ Child is depicted amidst the Sinai landscape in the center. Prophet Moses and Saint Catherine stand at her side, while the bottom part depicts the walls of the Sinai Monastery and the church of Saint Catherine. The main scene is complemented with several smaller scenes (Moses receiving the tablets of the Law, the translation of the holy body of Saint Catherine by angels, and the sun’s ray that radiates from the Episteme Mountain summit to the Bush below).

The composition of this scene is an icongraphic novelty. The somewhat simplistic engraving is attributed to deacon Gennadios, who worked in the dependency of Sinai in Constantinople in the early part of the second decade of the nineteenth century, and later lived in the Iviron Monastery on Mount Athos.

Intaglio copper plate
Engraver: Gennadios Sinaitis Patron: Parthenios Sinaitis
August 1st 1813 (35)
32 Χ 25 cm
Reprint of number 35, 2001 (36)