The Artoklasia is a service held at the end of Vespers on the eve or on the day of great feasts, in recollection of the early Christian agape meals and Christ’s miraculous multiplication of the loaves. In this monumental artoklasia vessel of Sinai “perfected in the city of Sofia”, the loaves of bread are placed on discs, and the oil and wine in respective liquid holders. A number of Sinai subjects and the scenes that are relevant to the function and symbolism of the vessel are engraved or embossed in low relief. The style and the fine filigree enamel ornamentation is characteristic of the prevailing metalwork trends of the central part of the Balkans at the time.

Engraved and embossed silver gilt, filigree enamels, stones, coral, and turquoise
Height 52 cm
Sofia workshop