The texts are written in the elegant Naskh calligraphic style, while the translation of the original Greek text in Arabic is impeccable. The codex was created by Thabit, a priest from Hama in Syria. It contains two miniature paintings, one of John Climacus writing the Ladder (p. 3r) and another of the Heavenly Ladder (p. 113v). John is depicted as an Evangelist, but dressed in eastern attire. The style imitates Persian artworks. The depiction of the Ladder follows standard middle Byzantine iconography, though it also includes several pilgrimage sites of Sinai. This manuscript is a testament to the importance of the Ladder in monasticism in general, that transcended all language barriers.

Paper, 169 sheets
30,5 Χ 20,5 cm
Cod. Arabic 343, Old Collection