This manuscript contains the “Gospel according to Luke” chapter 12, verses 2 to the end (pp. 1r-36v), the “Gospel according to John” (pp. 37r-98v) and liturgical orders and a menologion calendar (pp. 10r-144r).
The manuscript was written by the scribe Ezra, and constitutes the second part of Georgian manuscript n. 30, which contains the first two Gospels, written by Ioannes Zosimas; these two parts originally constituted a single manuscript. We find miniature paintings of Evangelists Mark and Mathew on sheets 68r and 100r, respectively. These two sheets are of a similar date, but were originally separate from the manuscript, and it appears that they were attached to it somewhat later. The two Evangelists are depicted standing between two columns supporting a horseshoe arch. While the decoration of both figures is similar, the two Evangelists are differentiated in the position of their arms and the direction of their gaze. The miniature technique and style indicate a workshop working in the Egyptian artistic tradition.

Parchment, 144 sheets
26 Χ 20,5 cm
Georgian manuscript 38