This Canonarion contains Supplicatory and other Canons to the Holy Trinity, Jesus Christ, the Mother of God, Archangels, Apostles, Martyrs, Hierarchs, and Prophets. According to the extensive bibliographical endnote (pp. 387r-388v), it was written by the Syrian Priest-monk Gabriel of the Mother of God monastery on Black Mountain in Antioch, who hailed from Martyropolis on the banks of the great river Deklat. The codex was completed on “the ninth hour of Wednesday, December 12th, in the year 6759 from Adam, from Alexander (son) of Phillip in the year 1554 for the Greeks, and the year 1251 from the birth of Christ”, under Patriarch of Theopolis Antioch (Symeon II, 1245-1260). It is decorated with overhead bands with floral or geometric motifs, initials with birds, fish, and other adornments, as well as several notes in Syriac, Greek, and Arabic, written by the scribe Priest-monk Gabriel himself.

Paper, 387 pages
17,5 Χ 13,5 cm
Cod. Syrian 111