This epitaphios (cloth icon) is embroidered on salmon-colored brocade fabric, and bears an inscription that refers to the donor who commissioned this piece in Vienna, Azarias the Protosynkellos of Sinai, as well as to other contributors such as priest Georgios, Theodora, and Cyraste, in the year 1805. The central scene includes Moses receiving the Tablets of the Law, the transfer of the holy relics of Saint Catherine to Sinai by angels, and the reliquary of the Saint. The Ancient of Days is depicted blessing the scene from the Heavens. At the foot of the mountains we find the Monastery, Moses with his flock, Saint Catherine, and the Mother of God of the Bush. The main scene is flanked by separate scenes from the life of Saint Catherine. This piece gives one the impression of a painted, rather than embroidered work of art. Multicolored silk threads, together with gold and silver wire, bring out the full beauty of the embroidery. In the past, this item served as the epitaphios of the Saint, during procession and litany, on the Saint’s feast day. Today it is ceremoniously placed on the reliquary that contains the holy relics of the Saint, on her feast day, and on other major feasts.

139 Χ 88 cm
Vienna workshop