A continuous band of cherry-satin silk, with a decorative cross on the back of the neck. The band is further decorated with a continuous, floral motif, interrupted by three pairs of saints: the prophets Moses and Aaron, the Virgin of the Bush and Saint Catherine, and the deacon saints Lawrence and Stephen. An inscription at both ends of the band reads: DONATION OF THE DEVOUT CHRISTIANS OF THE CITY OF RETHYMNON/ 1748 ARCHBISHOP OF SINAI NIKEPHOROS OF CRETE/ WITH THE CONTRIBUTION OF KALLINIKOS BISHOP OF RETHYMNON. The garments and wings of the seraph angels are embroidered with gold and silver thread. Faces and skin tones are painted on white satin silk fabric. The embroidery is embellished with red, light blue, and green tinsel and beads, and the stitches create slight relief patterns, while the multicolored silk designs on the deep red background produce a colorful composition.

282 Χ 9 cm
Cretan workshop