This hanging oil lamp was an offering to Sinai by Marouda, the wife of Panagiotis, and is a work of art with certain peculiar features that belong to a transitional period. It is decorated with miniature pierced depictions of the Mother of God as the Bush between Moses and Saint Catherine, the scenes of the Transfiguration, and the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple, the latter probably being the name-day feast of the patrons. The rest of the surface is decorated with double-headed eagles and Ottoman-styled floral motifs, rendered in the same technique. The intricate, filigree enamel decorative patterns are another peculiar feature of this oil lamp, which, though it aspires towards modernity, it nevertheless remains true to the style and decorative themes of Ottoman art.

Engraved, pierced, cast gold (?) Filigree enamels and pearls
Height 21.5cm